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#AreYouN?!!!! Follow @thenaturalistahairshow for details!!!!!!! #dmv #naturalhair #locs
❤️ [Love Ring x @beadsbyaree] #beadsbyaree
Finally getting into this VIP Swag Bag from the #YRTakesDMV event! I spy @edenbodyworks @sheamoisture4u @carolsdaughter @belnouvo @entwinecouture @ecostyler @alikaynaturals & @m3ssyvarnish_!!!! Great event @etcblogmag & @naturalpartnersincrime!!!
I will be in the building for the @thenaturalistahairshow. #AreYouN ?! #IAmN
Polka dots. One of my fav thrifted pieces.
Started my day with the “Zesty Morning” organic citrus sugar scrub x @organicbath. Love. 💛 My skin feels soft & refreshed and this scrub has the whole bathroom smelling great.
😍 thanks to @lillyskloset for these new babies. Rawr. Just sitting here staring at my toes lol
Yes! Thank you for the sugar scrubs, @organicbath! The pampering is really on this weekend ❤️
[Ring x @beadsbyaree]
Just saw these on @lillyskloset 😍   Had to have them. Hope they’re a perfect fit.
Chuuch swag in my newest @sgbvintage dress.
❤️❤️❤️x @yayabeybay